Q- How do I create a flyer?

A- Easy in 4 steps - Create a free account -> Select a flyer template or upload your own -> Edit your text and photos then select the email lists you would like your flyer sent to -> Schedule a delivery date, pay and send . That easy! You're finished in less than 10 minutes.

Q- Do you have templates to choose or can I upload my own flyer?

A- Yes. We have easy user templates for you to choose or you can upload your own flyer.

Q- How much does it cost to send an E-flyer blast?

A- Our database is selected by county. The First County for $19.95. Each additional county for only $14.95! Send as many additional counties for only $14.95 per county.

For Buyer needs $19.95 for the first county. Each additional county for only $14.95 per County

Real Estate Industry related services providers are welcome. $24.95 per the first County, each additional county for only $14.95 per county.

Q- Are there any other costs or charges?

A- No, we have no other costs or charges involved. There is no account fees, no set up fee or minimum. PAY AS YOU GO!

Q- What is a buyer needs Flyer?

A- This Flyer is designed for agents who represent buyers in a real estate transaction. It provides necessary requirements that a buyer is seeking in his property so that other agents become aware of the requirement and recommend a suitable property.

Q- Can I send an E-flyer with more than one listing in one flyer?

A- Yes. You can send up to 5 properties in 1 flyer for the same cost.

Q- I sent a blast out previously and I would like to send it again and maybe make some changes before sent it again. Is that possible?

A- Yes, you can edit and resend a previous Flyer. All your previous flyers and saved work are in your dashboard ones you have an account.

Q- How long will it take for my E-flyer to be send out once I complete the order?

A- This is your choice. Once you select and edit one of our templates or upload your own flyer, There is a calendar which allows you to select the day you would like your E-flyer to be sent out. Once your order is placed, we will immediately review your flyer then approve it to be send. On scheduled day all flyers are sent out within 24 hours. In most cases within few hours.

Q- Can I pick the day and time I want my E-flyer to be send out?

A- You can choose the day you would like your E-flyer to be send out; but not the time of the day. Email flyers are sent out on a first come first served basis. We are unable to control what time of day your blast will be sent

Q- Will my E-flyer reach the recipient Inbox?

A- Yes it will. Please add our email to your email address book; or set as safe senders

Q- How do you ensure my email will be sent?

A- Our servers record each and every flyer send, the date/time it was sent, how many emails it was sent to and keeps a log of all email addresses it was sent to. This helps us insure your E-Flyer was sent to all emails in the list you choose.

Q- I spoke to agents they said they didn’t receive your E-flyer?

A- Some agents do prefer not to receive our emails so they unsubscribe. Most often, they have absolutely no recollection of doing so; or the email could go to their junk or spam folder. Tell them set as a save sender from their email . This will ensure all our email flyer goes to the inbox. It's extremely important

Q- Where do you get your Real Estate agent email list from?

A- Our list compilation system is proprietary information and very accurate and reliable.  We regularly update our agents email list for accuracy. It contains most current, accurate and updated information. 

Q- Do you provide the Real Estate email list or do we provide that?

A- Yes, we provide the email list. You will be emailing your E-Flyer to our extensive list of Real Estate Agents and Brokers of the database of your choice View our agent count database here

Q- Can I send an E-flyer to a pocket listing?

A- Yes.

Q- Can I save my flyer and send it later?

A- Yes. Our system does this for you automatically. If you need to leave and come back later, you will find all of your saved work in your dashboard.

Q- Can I send Industry Real Estate related Service E-Flyer?

A- Yes, as long as is 100% directed to Real estate related services. We reserve the right to reject any flyer we deem inappropriate.

Q- How do I pay for an E-flyer Campaign?

A- We accept credit cards online in our secure interface.

Q- How many Real estate agents are in your database?

A- Our database has over 1.2 million Real Estate agents nationwide. And we update it daily.

Q- How many times will my E-flyer be sent?

A- Your E-flyer will be sent one time per order to the Agent database you selected.

 Q- What is the cut off deadline to get an order in on the same day?

A- Within minutes, even on holidays and weekends. If you order your e-Flyer today, we’ll deliver it to the agents on the same day. We're able to email your flyer within few hours. Everything depends on the number of emails the flyer sent to. It takes longer time if the number of emails are more. We email flyers 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week. Order your e-flyer today and get fast delivery. 

Q- I have an open house today. Is there still time to get my E-flyer out?

A- Our delivery system is designed to drip out email addresses very slowly and naturally for optimized delivery. This process takes several hours to complete, is all depends of the amout of emails to be sent out, for a larger email list it take longer to deliver. It is advised to plan at least 1 day in advance for event advertising. 

Q- What are some ideas for a Real Estate E-Flyer?

A- You can send an E-Flyer to advertise your listing to other Real Estate agents directly to their inbox. Some examples are: Just Listed property, Open House, Broker's Open, Price Reduction, Must Sell, Motivated Seller, Priced to Sell, New Construction, Back in the market, coming soon listing, commercial property, Commission bonus, for rent, and more...

Q- Do email flyers really work?

A- The more agents that see your listing the faster it will sell. We have over 1.2 million Real Estate Agents email counts in our database nationwide (this does not include anyone who has unsubscribed) Our Email Flyer will make your property stand out and grab the attention of thousands of agents in your area selected.

Q- Will I be notified when my E-Flyer is sent?

A- Yes, you will be sent a copy of your E-flyer blast you sent. 

Q- How often is your database updated?

A- Our database is updated every day, all day long. Constantly adding, removing and updating agents.

Q- Do you provide UNBRANDED flyer versions?

A- Yes. This is a great feature! We automatically have a "send to client unbranded" link in every flyer we send. Some Real Estate Agents that receive your E-flyer want to send your E-flyer listing to their clients. Our system lets agents request an UNBRANDED flyer version with your contact information removed (but still attributing your brokerage as the listing office). This great feature help sell your listing faster.

Q- Will I preview my flyer before I make a payment and send it?

A- Absolutely. You will make a payment after you preview your flyer. As you creating your flyer you can preview your flyes as many times as you wish.

Q- What’s your refund policy?

A- Once an order is placed, a slot is provided for email delivery on the scheduled date. If the blast wasn’t sent out yet, you can Hold or Cancel the order and a credit will remain in your account for your next order.  

Q- I am a FSBO (for sale by owner). Can I send an E-flyer?

A- No. We do not allow For Sale by Owner. If you want to advertise your property with, you will need to list your property with a Real Estate Agent or Broker. is a Business to Business Email marketing platform for Real Estate professionals.

Q- What locations do you provide email Agent lists for?

A- We service the entire USA Click here to view our Agent count database for your area

Q- How do I avoid the junk folder?

A- We make every effort to insure that your mail is delivered into the "inbox". However, you as "The User" are ultimately responsible for the content you create which has a direct reflection on your results. To insure the best response you can have please follow this list of COMMON MISTAKES TO AVOID: These are the most common mistakes we see new email marketers make, which result in accidental spam filtering:

  • Going crazy with exclamation points!!!!!!
  • USING ALL CAPS, WHICH IS LIKE YELLING IN EMAIL (especially in the subject)
  • Using spam phrases, like "Click here!" or "Once in a lifetime opportunity!"
  • Coloring their fonts bright red, or green
  • Coding sloppy HTML (usually from converting a Microsoft Word file to HTML)
  • Creating an HTML email that's nothing but one big image, with little or no text (since spam filters can't read images, they assume you're a spammer).
  • Using the word "Test" in the subject line (agencies run into this all the time, when sending drafts to clients for approval)


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